Friday, December 15, 2006

Diplomacy III Update (1902-1904)

Two and a half years to update in this one post. Hope you got something to drink, because there is a lot to talk about here.

Fall 1902:
The Anti-Anglican Alliance (yes, I made it up) continued their effort as France held Belgium and kept Brest empty for a potential build. Russia beat out England to Norway, and Germany wrested the North Sea from the Brit. Meanwhile, down south, Italy finally went into Tunis, and Austria vacated Trieste to allow for a fleet build there in the Winter. Turkey, thanks to a misorder, forcibly relinquished Bulgaria and the Black Sea to Austria and Russia respectively. In the Winter, builds were typical for the situation. On an interesting note, Turkey got to build even though he was back down to three supply centers, due to him having to disband two units in the Fall.

Spring 1903:
Germany managed a foothold on England proper with a convoy to Yorkshire, and France followed close behind with a successful attack on the English Channel. Russia, due mainly to the fact that he had an army in Norway as opposed to a fleet, was the only country bordering England to not attack it. In the southern half of the board, Italy continued his defensive tendencies, while Austria made a mad dash to the West as if he were being chased by the Unit-eating Monster of Doom. Russia, meanwhile, took advantage of bad guessing by Turkey to make it into Ankara.

Fall 1903:
England, feeling that he was as good as dead, started proxying all his units to Russia, who instigated an attack on the English Channel, which turned out to be a bounce. In the process, a combined Franco-German attack on London was thwarted, but Edinburgh was still taken. Meanwhile, Russia was in his own world in Lapland, where he rearranged units for the second turn in a row. In the South, he was more productive, due to a stab of the now-vacated Austria. Specifically, Budapest and Bulgaria changed hands from the Dual Monarch to the Czar. All was not lost for Austria, though. He was able to break even by taking Venice from Italy and Constantinople from a Turkey who did not submit orders for that turn. When it came time for builds, Russia received three, putting his total up to ten. For the second year in a row, England disbanded a unit in London, Germany built another army, and Italy removed his army in Tuscany.

Spring 1904:
France and Germany each convoyed an army into England in an attempt to defeat him one and for all. Naturally, this didn't require every single unit in Germany, so he sent out the rest to the East in an attempt to stop Russia who was rapidly expanding. Italy defended against another attack from Austria, who was suddenly moving his forces back towards his homeland, except for an army that almost randomly moved into Marseilles. Russia, not wanting to lose his newly acquired territories, sent his armies west to meet the challenge. Finally, in Turkey, a deadlock situation occurred where absolutely nothing changed.

Fall 1904:
One can only hold out for so long when one is vastly outnumbered, and England finally lost his last center. France, knowing that it would be pointless to send more units up north to attack a dead country, sent his units in a southerly direction. Germany, thinking the same thing, continued his easterly push into the Baltic Sea, Prussia, and Silesia. Austria, in an attempt to not antagonize France, moved his army back to Piedmont while attempts to take back Serbia and Budapest failed. Again, Turkey was rather silent, with Russia making the only sign of movement. In building news, England removed his last two units, France and Germany built fleets in the South and North respectively, Austria lost Piedmont, and Russia built in Warsaw.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

PBEM2 Update (1902-1903)

Lots of ground to cover in this post. Lots of attacking but surprisingly little stabbing in the year. So, without further ado, let's get to the update:

Fall 1902:
The invasion of Germany began in earnest, with a combination of English, Russian, Italian, and French forces each trying to get a share of the country. England tried to get into Denmark, and failed, which consequently got him Sweden from Russia, who took Berlin without a fight. Finally, Italy took Munich with French support. Meanwhile, down south, Turkey took a stab at Sevastopol but failed, Serbia remained unoccupied for another season as Austria and Turkey bounced there again, and Italy split up his forces and sailed into the Eastern Med. In the builds, Germany disbanded his retreating army, Italy built an army in Naples, and Turkey did not submit build orders.

Spring 1903:
Again, Germany was under pressure with France making it into Belgium, Russia taking Kiel, and England successfully moving into Denmark. England and France, where they weren't beating up on the Kaiser, moved their forces to the East. Russia managed to move into Ankara at the cost of Sevastopol, and Turkey managed to move into Sevastopol at the cost of Ankara. Austria concentrated most of his forces into yet another bounce with Turkey in Serbia, and Italy convoyed his army into an empty Serbia.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

FilipDip Info and Update

Yes, I know I said that I'd post an update for FilipDip yesterday, but I forgot. Don't worry, that won't happen again. And yes, that previous statement was a complete lie. Anyway, some essential game stuff:

Austria - J.D. (// Need last name)
England - Amar Sahai
France - Craig Haseler
Germany - Phillip Graves
Italy - Drew Stebbins
Russia - Chris Haseler
Turkey - Ovidiu Sufitchi
GM - Filip Sufitchi
Date started: December 2, 2006

Spring 1901:
The Western Triangle opened with standard moves. England leaning north with his fleets but moving his army into Yorkshire, France made sure that he would be in Burgundy, and Germany opened to Denmark and Ruhr. However, in the East, the recorded orders were generally unorthodox. Austria did a variant of the Southern Dash, except that Budapest went to Rumania as opposed to Serbia. This bounced Russia, who moved to Rumania, Sevastopol, and Galacia. Surprisingly, the Black Sea remained empty as Turkey moves Ankara to Armenia. Italy, meanwhile, did not submit orders, so the GM ordered Italy into Tyrolia, Venice, and the Ionian Sea.

Fall 1901:
England went all-out on Russia by convoying into Norway and moving to the Barents Sea. Germany went to protect Munich, but France went for three neutral supply centers instead. Italy, this time being controlled by a new player, took fullest advantage of an empty Trieste. Austria, meanwhile, was more concerned with nabbing Rumania and Galacia, but failed both via bounces with Russia, who went anti-Turkish with a move to Armenia. Turkey took advantage of a busy Austria by successfully moving into Serbia. During the builds, England built a fleet in London as opposed to Edinburgh, Germany built a fleet in Berlin, Russia continued his anti-Turkish campaign with a fleet build down south, and the Turk remained oblivious to the coming invasion by building an army in Ankara and a fleet in Smyrna, rather than the other way round.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Diplomacy III Info and Update

Yes, I know I said that I would be updating FilipDip today, but seeing how that game has only completed Spring 1901 due to a replaced Italy, I am going to move Diplomacy III to Fridays. There's a lot of information to cover, so let's begin with the essential game info:

Austria - Craig Haseler
England - Filip Sufitchi
France - Josiah Boning
Germany - Nicholas Loffredo
Italy - Benjin Dubishar
Russia - Phillip Graves
Turkey - Andrew Stebbins
Date started: December 4, 2006

Spring 1901:
For the most part, everyone did a neutral opening. England opened to the Norwegian sea and Yorkshire, France went to Picardy, Italy did a neutral Lepanto, and Austria moved to Budapest, Serbia, and Albania. Russia, meanwhile, sent an army up north to St. Petersburg and another one to Ukraine instead of Galacia.

Fall 1901:
Two different stories unfolded in the two halves of the continent. In the north, relative peace was held, as England claimed Norway and Belgium while Germany secured Holland. France, meanwhile, did not submit orders in time and was forced to hold all his units. In the south, Italy was bounced out of Greece by Austria, and Turkey and Russia matched forces in Rumania, with a Russian fleet in Armenia to boot. During the builds, England got a fleet in Liverpool, France did the same in Marseilles, and Russia and Turkey each built up their Black Sea navies.

Spring 1902:
Things started to get rougher in the north, where England sent all his units in a beeline towards France. Unfortunately for him, Germany decided to ally against the island nation and kicked England out of Belgium. Meanwhile, in the south, Austria went into a position to attack Italy while sending some of his units to fight Turkey and helping Russia do the same.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

PBEM2 Info and Update

Today is Wednesday, and as I promised, I am going to post an update about PBEM2. But first, I am going to post some useful info about the game.

Website: none, done purely by email.
Austria - Evan MacDonald (replaced in S02)/ Andrew Stebbins
England - Tom Williams
France - Filip Sufitchi
Germany - Jamie MacAtamney
Italy - Harry White
Russia - Monica Li
Turkey - Mohit Iyyer
Date started: November 27, 2006

Spring 1901:
Pretty much all the moves were standard openings, except for Austria's, who held all of his units except for one that he sent to Rumania. During this early stage, there were no major signs of any offensive move, with the exception of England opening to the English Channel and Austria moving to Rumania.

Fall 1901:
In this turn, players started to reveal their alliances. England moved his fleet in the English Channel to Belgium and convoyed his army into Norway. Russia tried to take Rumania, but was stopped by a Turkish support from Bulgaria. Italy, meanwhile, moved his armies north into Tyrolia and Venice. In the Winter builds, all the builds were typical of the situation, except for Turkey's, who built an army in Smyrna.

Spring 1902:
England continued his campaign against Russia by making it into Sweden, but he lost Belgium to German forces. Meanwhile, Russia launched a massive anti-German campaign by moving units into the Baltic Sea, Prussia, and Silesia, allowing Austria (now being controlled by Drew) to move into Galacia. Italy attempted to continue its march north into Munich, but was stopped by a sitting Germany.


Website: none, was done purely by e-mail
Austria - Tom Williams
England - Mohit Iyyer
France - Evan MacDonald
Germany - Raza Mir
Italy - Keshav Pillai
Russia - Tom Smilack
Turkey - Felix Zhang
GM - Phillip Graves
Dates: October 24th, 2006 - November 20th(?), 2006
Winner: Germany

This was the first game in the PBEM series. Unlike the previous games, this one was done almost entirely through email. Additionally, the deadlines were on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as opposed to every day. All seven players in the game were first-time players. It lasted until 1904, when the game ended mainly because it was slowing down and people were not turning in orders. Germany was declared the winner because he had the most supply centers (8). No one was eliminated, but Austria was on the chopping block with just one center at the end of the game.

Note: Because this game was done entirely by email, I do not have detailed accounts of what happens. If Phil or any of the players wants to do the history of the game, please let me know.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Diplomacy II

Austria - Josiah Boning
England - Andrew Stebbins
France - Asher Rubin
Germany - Craig Haseler
Italy - Phillip Graves
Russia - Filip Sufitchi
Turkey - Harry White
GM - Harry White
Dates: November 2nd, 2006 - December 1st, 2006
Winners: Italy, Russia, Turkey

In the second Diplomacy game of the series, five players returned and everyone had experience playing except for England. The GM was still playing a country, and so orders were still given during lunch. In this game, Italy and Austria started with a variant of the Key Lepanto, while England started attacking France. Russia started attacking Turkey several times, but always pulled back after a season or two. By 1902, France, Germany, and Russia had gamed up on England, but somehow by the end of 1903 he was in Spain, Portugal, and St. Petersburg. Meanwhile, in the southern half, Austria turned on Turkey while Russia again switch sides. When the Fall 1902 orders were read, Turkey managed to end up in Vienna, Rumania, but not Bulgaria. In 1904, Austria quickly fell to an Italian stab, and Russia and Germany started gaining ground on England. Also in that year, the Franco-German alliance fell, and by the end of 1905, France was eliminated. In that same year, Italy and Turkey attacked for a season and then allied again, and Russia stabbed Turkey for the second time, only to pull out in 1906, but then only to ally with Italy to attack Turkey for one season in the Fall of 1906. Germany, by that time, had managed to get to 10 centers, and had all but exiled England to Iberia. In 1907, a triple alliance of Italy, Russia, and Turkey took Berlin and Munich. By the end of 1908, Russia controlled all of Scandinavia and Germany except for Kiel, Germany owned all of England, most of France, and the Low Countries, and Italy had taken out England and pushed his supply center count to 10. At that point, Germany admitted defeat, and the game ended in a three-way draw.

Supply Center Ownership


Diplomacy I

Austria - John Walsh
England - Amar Sahai
France - Harry White
Germany - Asher Rubin
Italy - Filip Sufitchi
Russia - Craig Haseler
Turkey - Josiah Boning
GM - Harry White
Dates: October 13, 2006 - October 31, 2006
Winner: France

This was the first game of Diplomacy played at TJ. Because the GM also played in the game, all orders were simultaneously read during lunchtime, much like a face-to-face game. In 1902, Austria has gotten eliminated by a combination of Italy, Russia, and Turkey, while France and Germany headed towards England. However, in 1903, Germany stabbed Russia, which caused France to defect and side with England and Russia. At one point, Russia's only home supply center was Sevastopol. Meanwhile, Turkey started looking to his former ally Italy for territory. Once Germany was all but driven out of his home country, France stabbed England and got three builds in 1904, bringing his total up to 10. Down south, Turkey was starting to make gains on Italy, taking advantage of an almost empty home front. In Fall 1905, France took advantage of an empty Russian frontier and made it into Vienna by the end of the year. In Spring 1906, the remaining powers agreed to a French solo.

Supply Center Ownership



I have created this "blog" to keep track of all the Diplomacy happenings at TJ. The main reason for this is to create a reference for all the games that are going on now and in the future. Please note that I can only follow games that I know about, so if you want your game to be updated here, let me know. I will post (hopefully) weekly updates on all the games going on, as well as info about games starting and finishing. Right now there are three games going on. Here are names and tentative update days for them:

FilipDip (GM'd by Filip Sufitchi) - Mondays
PBEM2 (GM'd by Phillip Graves) - Wednesdays
Diplomacy III (GM'd by Harry White) - Fridays

There are also a few other games that have finished, which I will post about soon. I mean very soon.

Update: FilipDip updates have been moved to Monday and Diplomacy III updates now occupy the Friday slot.