Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I have created this "blog" to keep track of all the Diplomacy happenings at TJ. The main reason for this is to create a reference for all the games that are going on now and in the future. Please note that I can only follow games that I know about, so if you want your game to be updated here, let me know. I will post (hopefully) weekly updates on all the games going on, as well as info about games starting and finishing. Right now there are three games going on. Here are names and tentative update days for them:

FilipDip (GM'd by Filip Sufitchi) - Mondays
PBEM2 (GM'd by Phillip Graves) - Wednesdays
Diplomacy III (GM'd by Harry White) - Fridays

There are also a few other games that have finished, which I will post about soon. I mean very soon.

Update: FilipDip updates have been moved to Monday and Diplomacy III updates now occupy the Friday slot.

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