Wednesday, December 6, 2006

PBEM2 Info and Update

Today is Wednesday, and as I promised, I am going to post an update about PBEM2. But first, I am going to post some useful info about the game.

Website: none, done purely by email.
Austria - Evan MacDonald (replaced in S02)/ Andrew Stebbins
England - Tom Williams
France - Filip Sufitchi
Germany - Jamie MacAtamney
Italy - Harry White
Russia - Monica Li
Turkey - Mohit Iyyer
Date started: November 27, 2006

Spring 1901:
Pretty much all the moves were standard openings, except for Austria's, who held all of his units except for one that he sent to Rumania. During this early stage, there were no major signs of any offensive move, with the exception of England opening to the English Channel and Austria moving to Rumania.

Fall 1901:
In this turn, players started to reveal their alliances. England moved his fleet in the English Channel to Belgium and convoyed his army into Norway. Russia tried to take Rumania, but was stopped by a Turkish support from Bulgaria. Italy, meanwhile, moved his armies north into Tyrolia and Venice. In the Winter builds, all the builds were typical of the situation, except for Turkey's, who built an army in Smyrna.

Spring 1902:
England continued his campaign against Russia by making it into Sweden, but he lost Belgium to German forces. Meanwhile, Russia launched a massive anti-German campaign by moving units into the Baltic Sea, Prussia, and Silesia, allowing Austria (now being controlled by Drew) to move into Galacia. Italy attempted to continue its march north into Munich, but was stopped by a sitting Germany.

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