Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Diplomacy II

Website: http://tjhsst.edu/~hwhite/Diplomacy/Dip2
Austria - Josiah Boning
England - Andrew Stebbins
France - Asher Rubin
Germany - Craig Haseler
Italy - Phillip Graves
Russia - Filip Sufitchi
Turkey - Harry White
GM - Harry White
Dates: November 2nd, 2006 - December 1st, 2006
Winners: Italy, Russia, Turkey

In the second Diplomacy game of the series, five players returned and everyone had experience playing except for England. The GM was still playing a country, and so orders were still given during lunch. In this game, Italy and Austria started with a variant of the Key Lepanto, while England started attacking France. Russia started attacking Turkey several times, but always pulled back after a season or two. By 1902, France, Germany, and Russia had gamed up on England, but somehow by the end of 1903 he was in Spain, Portugal, and St. Petersburg. Meanwhile, in the southern half, Austria turned on Turkey while Russia again switch sides. When the Fall 1902 orders were read, Turkey managed to end up in Vienna, Rumania, but not Bulgaria. In 1904, Austria quickly fell to an Italian stab, and Russia and Germany started gaining ground on England. Also in that year, the Franco-German alliance fell, and by the end of 1905, France was eliminated. In that same year, Italy and Turkey attacked for a season and then allied again, and Russia stabbed Turkey for the second time, only to pull out in 1906, but then only to ally with Italy to attack Turkey for one season in the Fall of 1906. Germany, by that time, had managed to get to 10 centers, and had all but exiled England to Iberia. In 1907, a triple alliance of Italy, Russia, and Turkey took Berlin and Munich. By the end of 1908, Russia controlled all of Scandinavia and Germany except for Kiel, Germany owned all of England, most of France, and the Low Countries, and Italy had taken out England and pushed his supply center count to 10. At that point, Germany admitted defeat, and the game ended in a three-way draw.

Supply Center Ownership


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