Tuesday, December 12, 2006

FilipDip Info and Update

Yes, I know I said that I'd post an update for FilipDip yesterday, but I forgot. Don't worry, that won't happen again. And yes, that previous statement was a complete lie. Anyway, some essential game stuff:

Website: http://sufitchi.com/filip
Austria - J.D. (// Need last name)
England - Amar Sahai
France - Craig Haseler
Germany - Phillip Graves
Italy - Drew Stebbins
Russia - Chris Haseler
Turkey - Ovidiu Sufitchi
GM - Filip Sufitchi
Date started: December 2, 2006

Spring 1901:
The Western Triangle opened with standard moves. England leaning north with his fleets but moving his army into Yorkshire, France made sure that he would be in Burgundy, and Germany opened to Denmark and Ruhr. However, in the East, the recorded orders were generally unorthodox. Austria did a variant of the Southern Dash, except that Budapest went to Rumania as opposed to Serbia. This bounced Russia, who moved to Rumania, Sevastopol, and Galacia. Surprisingly, the Black Sea remained empty as Turkey moves Ankara to Armenia. Italy, meanwhile, did not submit orders, so the GM ordered Italy into Tyrolia, Venice, and the Ionian Sea.

Fall 1901:
England went all-out on Russia by convoying into Norway and moving to the Barents Sea. Germany went to protect Munich, but France went for three neutral supply centers instead. Italy, this time being controlled by a new player, took fullest advantage of an empty Trieste. Austria, meanwhile, was more concerned with nabbing Rumania and Galacia, but failed both via bounces with Russia, who went anti-Turkish with a move to Armenia. Turkey took advantage of a busy Austria by successfully moving into Serbia. During the builds, England built a fleet in London as opposed to Edinburgh, Germany built a fleet in Berlin, Russia continued his anti-Turkish campaign with a fleet build down south, and the Turk remained oblivious to the coming invasion by building an army in Ankara and a fleet in Smyrna, rather than the other way round.

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