Friday, December 8, 2006

Diplomacy III Info and Update

Yes, I know I said that I would be updating FilipDip today, but seeing how that game has only completed Spring 1901 due to a replaced Italy, I am going to move Diplomacy III to Fridays. There's a lot of information to cover, so let's begin with the essential game info:

Austria - Craig Haseler
England - Filip Sufitchi
France - Josiah Boning
Germany - Nicholas Loffredo
Italy - Benjin Dubishar
Russia - Phillip Graves
Turkey - Andrew Stebbins
Date started: December 4, 2006

Spring 1901:
For the most part, everyone did a neutral opening. England opened to the Norwegian sea and Yorkshire, France went to Picardy, Italy did a neutral Lepanto, and Austria moved to Budapest, Serbia, and Albania. Russia, meanwhile, sent an army up north to St. Petersburg and another one to Ukraine instead of Galacia.

Fall 1901:
Two different stories unfolded in the two halves of the continent. In the north, relative peace was held, as England claimed Norway and Belgium while Germany secured Holland. France, meanwhile, did not submit orders in time and was forced to hold all his units. In the south, Italy was bounced out of Greece by Austria, and Turkey and Russia matched forces in Rumania, with a Russian fleet in Armenia to boot. During the builds, England got a fleet in Liverpool, France did the same in Marseilles, and Russia and Turkey each built up their Black Sea navies.

Spring 1902:
Things started to get rougher in the north, where England sent all his units in a beeline towards France. Unfortunately for him, Germany decided to ally against the island nation and kicked England out of Belgium. Meanwhile, in the south, Austria went into a position to attack Italy while sending some of his units to fight Turkey and helping Russia do the same.


Craig said...

Just a correction on the Sprign 1902 moves. I believ you meant to say Austria was preparing to attack Italy, rather that France, as Ausrtia and France dont share a border. But I may be wrong, so whatever.
-Craig (Austria)

Harry White said...

Thanks for pointing out the error. Corrections shall be made.

Anonymous said...

...well, turns our you were actually right... I did end up invading France... wow.